The Koforidua Police are looking for Master Philip Asare, a pupil of Ellen White SDA School at Soredae and his friend who pulled a dagger and a pistol on their headteacher and a female teacher of the school.
Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in an interview, Mr Boakye Acheampong, Headteacher of the school said Philip and the friend who narrowly escaped from the school before the arrival of the police had since not been found and had also abandoned their homes.
He said Philip was writing the mock examination with his other Junior High School (JHS) colleagues when his mobile phone rang.
The Headmaster said the female teacher, (name withheld) who was supervising the examination collected the phone and gave it to Mr Boakye Acheampong, the headteacher of the school.
He said later, Philip who is known in school to be a quiet boy stopped writing his papers, came out and stood infront of the examination hall shouting on top of his voice that he had stopped the school and so his mobile phone should be handed over to him.
Mr Acheampong said he came out of his office and tried to calm him to stop the noise and go and complete his examination but he would not listen and left the school compound.
He said after some few minutes, he returned to the school with a friend holding a pistol and went and pulled a dagger over the headteacher to give his mobile phone to him.
Mr Acheampong said in the process, Philip and the friend smashed a laptop computer on the headteacher’s table, threw the books on the table down and scattered all the items in the office in search of his phone.
He said when Philip could not find the telephone, he and the friend went to the compound to look for the female teacher who collected his mobile phone at the examination hall, placed the dagger under her throat and dragged her by the collar of her dress across the compound to the headteacher’s office.
He said Just at that moment, his mother arrived at the school, intervened and took he and the friend out of the school.
According to Mr Acheampong, his mother who had been engaged by the school authorities over the poor attendance of school of her ward, said she saw the son in a flash in town when she knew that the son should be writing his mock examination and so she rushed to the school to find out what was happening only to see the son holding a dagger on the school authorities.
Mr Acheampong said they called the police but they arrived some few seconds after he and the mother had left the school compound.
Mr Acheampong said the female teacher who was held up by the boy and the friend was much traumatized and so he had given her some days off to recover and promised to get a counsellor to talk to her.
He said a counselling session had already been organized for the pupils of the school including; the colleagues of Philip who were still writing their mock examination and he had made a formal complaint to the police and reported the incident to the New Juaben Municipal education authorities.


  1. Pity! What are we going to witness next? An armed robber in the making. His photo should be posted around town if the police cannot find him.

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