Daniel Asiedu is standing trial for the murder of J.B.Danquah Adu
Daniel Asiedu is standing trial for the murder of J.B.Danquah Adu

Daniel Asiedu, key suspect standing trial in the killing of slain MP, J.B Danquah Adu has told the Criminal Divison of the Accra High Court presided over by Justice Lydia Osei Marfo that he has been subjected to torture while in custody.

“I have been prevented from exercising and being constantly monitored. I do not know why I‘ve been subjected to that treatment and I want to bring it to your (judge) attention so that you assist me,” Asiedu alias Sexy Don Don said.

In court on Tuesday when the case was called, Asiedu alias Sexy Don Don told the court that, even though inmates are not allowed to use mobile phones and other weapons, he has been charged by the prisoner officers at the blind side of his prosecutors, investigator and CID officers.

He told the court that, he had already appeared five times in court and is due for his sixth appearance on November 13, even though he didn’t mention the name of the said court.

Suspect Daniel Asiedu in police grip

“My prosecutors, the CID and police investigators are not aware of what is happening to me. They have indicated that due to my health, they have to take me to Nsawam Prisons and although we are not allowed to use a mobile phone and other sharp objects, I have been charged with possession of mobile phone and knife. As a result, I have been arraigned and appeared in court on five occasions and I am due to appear again on November 13,” he told the court.

The Court presided over by Justice Lydia Osei Marfo advised Daniel Asiedu to stop “attracting public attention” to himself.

According to the judge, even though he acknowledges the challenges of accused persons when cases are not moving the way it should be, they must subject themselves to “the system.”

Prisons Officers deny allegation

Chief Officer David Tsuishito in his response told the court that they have about 3000 inmates and all of them are being treated equally.

He denied the allegation of torture as alleged by the accused person adding that “we don’t know anything about what he is saying.”

He added that “We are not there to maltreat him, we are there to treat everybody equally.”

Treat him well

Justice Marfo the trial judge said, “I can only say to the officers of Nsawam that in Ghana anybody who is brought to you on remand is deemed to be innocent until the person is found guilty or pleaded guilty himself.”

According to the judge “we are human beings and must not be treated less than that, otherwise, he will die before we hear the case.”

The judge said, “I’m just an officer of human rights activist and I’m admonishing you to treat him fairly.”

He noted, “I’m not saying all he is saying are true but left to public opinion, he (Asiedu) would have died by now.”

“So, will ask the officers whose custody Asiedu is to treat him well pending the hearing and outcome of this case,” the court urged.

Behave yourself

The court also admonished Asiedu to comport himself adding that “If you want to be accorded with good treatment, then you have to comport yourself.”

The court said “when you go, don’t attract attention to yourself. Be obedient, subject yourself to the system. We cannot kill you. Last time, I heard all you have said, I’m above that. Behave yourself and let the system take its normal course.”


The court prior to adjourning the case ordered the Registrar of the court to “comply with the orders of this court dated October 16.”

The court added that, upon receipt of the hearing notice by counsel for the accused persons, he should indicate in writing by the next adjourned date if he no longer wants to represent the accused persons” for the court to take the necessary steps.

Kasapa News’ Court Correspondent Murtala Inusah reports that the absence of the counsel for the accused persons has for the third time in a row stalled the hearing of the trial.

The case has been adjourned to November 27, 2020, after the prosecution led by Principal State Attorney Sefakor Batse had told the court that, they have complied with disclosure of documents as per the orders of the Court.

Asiedu, and one Vincent Bossu, alias Agogo are standing trial for murder and abatement respectively.