Makers of local gin akpeteshie want President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to extend his one-district, one-factory project to the Jato Suhum Municipality of the Eastern Region.

The Jato Corporative Distillers Society say the President promised to construct the factory for them during the 2016 election campaign and hence must fulfil his promise.

Addressing the media on Thursday, the distillers said they have made available lands to facilitate the construction of the factory.

“In 2016, President Akufo-Addo came here to promise us that a factory will be established in this community, as a result, all of us voted for him, we noticed that he has started cutting sod for the one-district, one-factory project in some parts of the country so we have also made available about 10 to 15 acres of land here for the President to facilitate the project here,” said Local Chairman of Jato Corporative Distillers Society, Reuben Naduku.

Mr Naduku argues that the importation of industrial alcohol from abroad for the production of alcoholic beverages was killing their business.

“Now our work is collapsing due to lack of resources,” he laments.

“We also pay several revenues to government, so we are begging the President to stop the importation of ethanol from abroad since it is collapsing our business” he adds.