Actor John Dumelo has said that he has made a lot of money but finds difficulty in spending his money; the reason why he seems to be looking very old.
The actor made this known in a conversation with a follower on Twitter who asked the actor that “You are becoming an old man …why is your money finished?”.
The actor in replying the tweep said that “Oh how. Never…..spending is the problem”.
John Dumelo is known to have taken interest in Agriculture and is also into several businesses including the sale of his clothing line and also has several other endorsement deals in and out of the country.



  1. He should give all the money to poor people and follow Jesus Christ. I worked in Gnani as a Catholic Priest for 6 years and there is a Witch-camp. The poor old men and women are suffering from hunger, malnutrition,accommodation etc. Rev. Fr Sampson Abdulai is currently working with these destitutes. Please kindly go to him in Gnani, a witch camp town in Yendi municipality and give him the money to take care of them. you can even be with them for some time. they will be very happy and God will bless you abundantly.

  2. He should stop boasting about his money people with money are doing projects for their country what is he doing to talk off too much money I can’t spend it. Always waiting on government when we can do something ourselves. Check the villagers and you will have reasons to spend your money if you claim you have

  3. Let me guide you on how to spend your plenty money. Or otherwise share what you got with charity organization. And give the rest to God, and you will be blessed

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