The 2018 FIFA World cup is near and all fans are looking forward to some exciting months of soccer.
And although Ghana didn’t qualify, the FIFA matches are sure to be watched by many Ghanaian people. With just a month away, the excitement does seem to be rising.
Are You Ready for the World Cup?
People are now counting days for this big event. More precisely saying, the days are “countable” now. While counting on the fingers the eyes are looking forward to Russia. Is Russia ready?
Russia has said yes to FIFA in spite of the many allegations there are against the country, which includes everything from buying World Cup hosting votes, the Russian doping scandal itself that has seen the country bow out from the 2018 Winter Olympics or the violent clashes among Russian gangs recently.
Is Russia Ready?
So, what is the condition of the stadium where the tournament is going to happen? FIFA reported back in December that a good five stadiums were ready while seven others were being given the final touches. However, back in February, work was still in progress. The Russian government has set the deadline of 1st April and everyone is looking forward to it.
The Problems
Russia is going to see a whole lot of tourists with the World Cup, and just managing them or ensuring that the stadium is ready for all is just one of the problems the country has to deal with.
There are other important issues at hand here.
Racism is a major problem with Russian Football. The complaints and accusations involving racism are many, and FIFA’s anti-racism advisor Tokyo Sexwale reiterated this by telling the Press just how black players might refuse to travel to the country because of the unwelcoming environment. Sexwale did iterate that he would ensure that it didn’t happen but also admitted that things can easily go out of control if they are left unchecked.
Should You Be Worried?
Russia is struggling now to combat this situation, which is again, just another of the many problems.
The second most important thing which can be a problem is hooliganism.
The 2016 European Championship in France is just an example of how things can go wrong. The Russian fans caused a lot of problems as organized hooliganism descended on the country, with many fans being injured due to Russian gangs. There’s a lot more to this. The country did try to solve this situation but it remains to be seen just how successful it has been.
And this time it’s the World Cup, so there will be an enormous number of crazy fans. The good news is that FIFA has made a stand ensuring that security measures are in place and no violence between rival fans can happen. It’s more of a bet really – whether the tournament would be over without any clashes. What would you bet on anyway?
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We are all breathing, with high hopes for another great tournament!