Insurance Brokers Association of Ghana (IBAG) has tasked journalists to support the education of the public about its operations.

This, they explained, will help the public, especially in the information sector know the relevance of insurance brokers.

President of Insurance Brokers Association of Ghana, Shaibu Ali, made the call at a media soiree in Accra as part of its Brokers Awareness Month on the theme: ‘The Broker, Your Gateway to the Insurance Market’.

He underscored the need for insurance to be demystified because the public has little knowledge about Insurance Brokers, whose role is to act on behalf of insurance consumers.

Mr Ali disclosed plans by IBAG to tour selected Senior High Schools in Greater Accra to educate them on insurance and career opportunities in the sector.

“We need to demystify insurance and I believe we can do this by getting closer to the young ones still in school,” he added.

The IBAG President said they will intensify consumer education and public awareness creation in insurance due to low penetration in Ghana.