With billions of social media posts being shared daily, it’s increasingly important that your content stands out and is worthy of a click. Engaging your audience on social media is a great way to building a community of fans for your post for the Jumia Voice Competition.
Regardless of your age, Jumia says be it rap, singing or spoken word, record your own rendition of the Jumia song using the Jumia jingle. Post the recording with hashtag #Jumiavoice on Facebook + Instagram + twitter and tag Jumia. Share post with as many friends and associates and invite them to like it and share it.
In so doing, the best way to maximize this exposure is to ensure that every piece of content you create adds value of a kind to your audience to get them to share and like your post. The following are few steps to increasing and boosting viewership for your rendition for the Jumia Voice Competition.
Make use of links in your content: Putting links in your post creates more awareness to your audience about what you are communicating and also facilitates a quick tracking of your rendition and give your audience the opportunity to know what you are referring to so they can participate, like and share your post.
Tag Jumia social media pages (Facebook, twitter, Instagram): Tagging Jumia’s Facebook + Twitter + Instagram accounts gives you more exposure because your post will appear on Jumia pages which will attract audience from Jumia’s page as well. Jumia followers will be tempted to click and listen to your rendition and comment. This intends, generates traffic to your page and leads them to view your content.
Pick catchy captions and leads: The first phrase that appears as people see your post will determine if they would want to click to view. Select captions that are attention capturing and leads that catches the eye. First impressions count hence you wouldn’t want to use dull or irritating pictorials for your post. Take into consideration what you know will attract you first when you decide to go site seeing on someone’s page. Attention grabbing must be the focus of your captions and leads.
Share It Yourself & Tag Friends: If you don’t love your content, no one else will. So be your own brand ambassador by sharing your own posts on your personal page. It helps increase the reach of your post and shows your network of connections that this piece of content is ‘share-worthy’. Tag friends and encourage long-time followers of your post to do the same. Get them to talk about your post and make them tag jumia.com.gh/jumia-voice/.
Make sharing easy: This means adding big, bright social share buttons to all of your content so that people can share easily from your page straight to their social media accounts. A good rule of thumbs is to ensure that your post takes not more than a second to click and also not to give viewers second thought in completing the entire sharing action. Any more than that might significantly decrease your potential shares.
Influencers Impact: Influencers are people with lots of followers. Social media activists and bloggers can help make you the subject of the season especially if your content is of good quality and genuinely beneficial to their audience. They will usually be happy to share it because they will indirectly generate traffic for their blogs and sites as well.
With these few tips, I believe you can maximize the opportunities new media has brought to you. Jumia is still waiting for a gem to pick up this whooping Ghs 10,000, a trip to Dubai + stage performance with your favorite Shata Wale.
The Jumia Voice Competition is an online voice battle using the Jumia jingle beats. All you need do, is to record your own rendition of a jumia song using the Jumia jingle downloadable from jumia.com.gh/jumia-voice/. Post your recording with hashtag #Jumiavoice on Facebook + Instagram + twitter and tag Jumia Ghana. Share post with as many friends and associates and invite them to like it and share it. The person with the most likes will be selected and rewarded.
The winner of this amazing competition stands the chance of getting GHS 10,000 voucher, a trip to Dubai and an opportunity to perform on stage with artiste of choice. The competition begun last Friday October 27th  and is running till Wednesday November 22nd 2017. It is opened to all individuals with talents who would like to challenge themselves in a very competitive environment.