Minister for Works and Housing, Samuel Atta Akyea has said that contractors who engage in shoddy work would be blacklisted by government.

According to him, in order to deal with the perennial flooding in Accra, it is important for contractors in the country to endeavour to work to meet the expectations of the people.   

“Ghana and especially Accra cannot continue to flood and kill people. I sometimes blame the contractors who work on our drains. If they do a good work, I’m sure the flooding will reduce.

“Henceforth, contractors who do a shoddy work would be blacklisted by government. We won’t work with them and therefore would have their contracts terminated to serve as a deterrent to others” he stated on Accra-based Neat FM.

Heavy rains over the weekend left portions of Kwame Nkrumah Circle flooded. 

The Odaw river was overflowing as a result of the heavy rains, while parts of Las Palmas restaurant were partially submerged in water. 

The road linking the Ring Road West towards Ako Adjei interchange was also flooded, hindering vehicular movement for sometime.

Passengers were compelled to alight from their vehicles and walk through the water, while other vehicles were forced to change their routes. 

But Atta Akyea indicated that it would cost government over US$700million to permanently deal with the perennial flooding in the capital, Accra.

“I am seeing something in the neighbourhood of $700 million to fix what is in this area alone. This is what stares at us in the face every year, but we will find the money and do it,” he stated.

He said there are three nations who have expressed interest in helping the government fix the flooding mess.