Currently running on some television stations is a Royal Monopoly Baby Diaper commercial which has actress Kafui Danku and her daughter, Lorde as the actors.
And some people are of the opinion that the pretty actress is over-exposing her eight month baby by using her for a television commercial.
Obviously, those who have a problem with the actress know her conception story and think that as a result of that, she should be hiding her baby but Kafui doesn’t think so.
Granted, she had three miscarriages before finally having her baby but she doesn’t think that is good enough reason to hide her baby.
“With what I have been through, having a baby calls for celebration and I should not be hiding in some corner, that won’t be glorifying God. I think it should be a thing of joy and I am not exposing her enough,” she told Showbiz on Tuesday.
“I am not over-exposing her, there is nothing wrong with it. Why do people think I am exposing my baby? Is it because it is my baby or they want to say all other babies used in commercials are being over exposed?”she queried.
Recalling her experience on the set of the commercial, Kafui said it was a wonderful experience, “ It is the easiest commercial I have ever shot. It was a good feeling because we knew each other already, it was so easy because it wasn’t like me being with a strange baby whom I would have to try hard to bond with, it was already there so we just flowed.”
According to Kafui, Royal Monopoly Baby Diapers signed her on as a brand ambassador though the focus is on Lorde because it is the baby who uses diapers, “we were contacted, we tested the product and realised it was good. They saw my baby, she is cute so it was a mother/baby endorsement,” she said.
Asked if she will endorse more baby products in future, this is what she had to say, “it depends on the product and how I feel about it.”
Kafui, who is also a movie producer said she launched a YouTube channel a month ago and has been communicating more with her fans via that channel.
She has also lined up a movie and will be going into its production very soon.