Minister of Gender, Women and Social Protection, Otiko Afisa Djaba has mounted a strong defence of her recent statement insisting that she never promoted rape against young girls.

The Minister, over the weekend urged school girls to be responsible in their appearances as an inappropriate choice of dress can invite troubles for them.

Speaking at the 90th anniversary and Speech and Prize giving Day of the Krobo Girls Presbyterian Senior High School in the Eastern region, said in as much as short dresses may appear fashionable, they could also attract rapists.

She further called on male teachers to desist from impregnating their students.

“…The teachers who impregnate girls, this is a serious warning to you. It is an abuse of their rights and you are their role model you must not be the one abuses the rights of the young girls. We must also put an end to child marriage,” she stated.

She continued: “We want to initiate a mentoring program; a girls-girls leadership program in all the schools, from basic to tertiary and as well as within the communities to ensure that we know our rights and we understand what it is to be a woman who is an equal partner in society, no longer women behind but side by side with our men as equal partners.

“In conclusion, I want to say to you, be bold, be confident, be respectful. If you wear a short dress, it’s fashionable but know that it can attract somebody who would want to rape or defile you. You must be responsible for the choices you make”.

But the Minister has come under heavy flak and being bashed on social media by a section of the public who argue that her comments will embolden rapists.

But speaking to Kasapa News, Otiko Afisa Djaba stated that he never encouraged sexual attacks on young girls saying her comment was made in the best interest of the youth.

“It was a strong advice from a mother to her children. I wasn’t in anyway encouraging rape with my comments. I have daughters and if they dress in a certain way and they are going out, I call them and ask them to change it or wear another clothing over what they are already wearing. Any good parent will say what I said. In this world there’s no right without responsibility when I talk to young girls about their rights it’s in order, when I talk to them about their rights it’s also in order. This a democracy but the best interest of the girls must be ensured at all times and we shall always work towards that.”

source: kasapafm