Highlife musician, Kwaisey Pee may be seen driving flashy cars and create the impression that all is well with him. That flashy life, in fact, is a clear contrast to reality.

The talented singer is broke and he sometimes borrows people’s cars to drive, he has revealed.

In a tell-it-all interview on Behind the Fame on Drive Time on Joy FM with Lexis Bill, the musician, born Akwasi Opoku said all is not well with him financially.

According to him, there has “been like ups and downs” and when things are going well, “it’s really exciting.”

When things get bad, he added, “There’s nothing much you can do. All you need to do is maybe get back into the studio and start working and see if you can get something…”

The ‘Mehia Odo’ hit singer revealed that he does nothing aside music and currently, things are not going on well with him.

“As for money, I’m telling you I even need your money. I’m broke as hell. I wouldn’t come and sit here, to be honest with you and before God and man and say to you, it’s super for me, it’s not [because] at the end of the day music is not selling anymore in terms of CDs…” Kwaisey Pee told Lexis Bill.

“Like the way we used to do it back in the day, some of us were actually relying on CD sales and it’s no more.”

In recent times artistes survive on proceeds from stage performances but Kwaisey Pee hardly gets that opportunity.

“I don’t get too many shows. Most of the time all the shows that you see me on is my own effort that I try to put some show together…”

The son of the late legendary Agyeiku, lead vocalist for the then Yamoah’s Band, revealed, the last time he performed was in December 2016.

Unable to meet the demands of women, the singer is not married.

“I feel like being alone… women always come in with a lot of expectations and so if you are not prepared,” especially when you are a popular guy “and they see you driving Bentley,” they get excited without knowing the car is even borrowed”.

Kwaisey Pee explained that he borrows cars because “you don’t want to walk on the streets for people to see you walking on the streets”.