Hiplife artiste MzBel who denounced Christianity years ago has vowed never to return to the religion again.

The songstress known in real life as Nana Akua Amoah Belinda speaking on ‘Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix’ disclosed that most Christians do not practice what they preach and she has a problem with that act. According to her, she finds comfort at Judaism and will not return to the religion, which is based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

She further described Christianity as idol-worshipping because its members kneel and pray to a picture they believe represents Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Mzbel refuted reports that she once said that she doesn’t believe in God. The mother of one explained that she believes in God but not Jesus Christ who has been described as the Son of God.

“I don’t believe that Jesus Christ is God, I don’t believe that you have to pray through Jesus Christ. I don’t believe all those stories about Jesus Christ but I believe in God.” she said

The “16 Years” singer also debunked claims that she stopped being a Christian because of her woes at the International Central Gospel Church.

“My decision to stop Christianity was not based on my encounter at ICGC but when I quit the church, I sat down to think about why the people in the church are not practicing what they preach.”

When Zionfelix, host of the show quizzed her if she will return to Christianity again, Mzbel replied, “No, I see it as Idol-worshipping”.


  1. People should be free to follow whatever religion they believe in. It is the same God with different names assignments. However, we shouldn’t put other people’s religion down. Adults can follow any religion they want because they are capable of making their own decisions. The lady should understand that no religion is perfect. If I am her, I will not use idols worshiping to describe any religion.

  2. Some of us have our personal opinions about today’s Christian religions. I am one of the people. The most scrupulous Christian churches and priests today are the Evangelists, and Televangelists. I am against their lies and taking advantage of their believers/followers. I feel sad for the poor because they are at the mercy of these churches.God helps us.

  3. I don’t she is in war with christinity becos that will not help help her in any way, if what is up there is true that Mabel is saying she is not going back to christianity, then l say Mabel you don’t know God, and you going out of Christinity will not change any thing at all, l disagree with you madam rethink and think again

  4. In the Bible, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth, said ‘ in my fathers house there are many mansions, but he is the way the truth and the light, no one goes to heaven except through him. My understanding is there are so many paths to God and when you die , who ever was the leader of your faith will have to come and take you to the father in heaven, however to go to heaven only Jesus Christ can take you there. If your leader is not talking about taking you to heaven my brother or sister you are lost. We will spend more time dead than living so wise up.

  5. Mzbel, I have taken a lot of pain to write this , because I decided to keep mute on this as each man is entitled to his / her opinion. However, MATHEW 24 : 24 FF My God and Lord Jess Christ of nazareth prophesied that , There will arise falsehood in the during the latter days , which all be a sing that this world will certainly come to an end one day .

    So the reason you are running away from CHRISTIANITY should be the more reason why you should run to Christ..