Singer Mzbel says at a point in her life she had no choice than to sleep in a room where dead bodies were dressed before their final burial.

The ’16 Year Old’ hitmaker said after she was ejected from the boarding house in Senior High School for inviting male friends to the female dormitory, she had no alternative than to rent a room around.

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The journey to rent an abode led her to an old woman who gave her a room for free.

Mzbel told Abeiku Santana on his Atuu Show, monitored by, that she couldn’t believe the kind gesture but moved in anyway with a friend who was equally sacked.

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After some days, Mzbel said they couldn’t sleep in the room but couldn’t point out what was hindering them.

“Helen and I never knew it was a funeral home and our room was the final place for dead bodies. The landlady never told us. We always felt like there was something in the room and we only got to find out in the last days of our school. Even the bodies were kept on the mattress she gave us,” Mzbel said in the Twi language.

Source: | Dennis K. Adu