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I quit – Teacher who went viral for fighting student breaks silence


Xaviera Steele, a North Carolina teacher who has been charged with simple assault for fighting against a high school student, is telling her side of the story. A video that went viral shows how the fight unfolded at Rocky Mount High School in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Steele and the student are seen repeatedly exchanging hits before dragging each other to the floor. According to ABC 11, the fight started when the pair were arguing about a phone.

Explaining her side of the story in a video on social media, Steele said she is a substitute teacher who has worked with kids for a long time, but she has never experienced anything like the recent fight, the Atlanta BlackStar reported.

“I’ve been working with the young people for 22 years. I started off in high school tutoring young folks,” Steele said. “In elementary, I taught dance, cheerleading, drill team. I’ve taught Sunday school … praise and worship dance.”

The teacher said she loves young people and has never been attacked by students.

“I love young people; this is why I work with them,” she said. “I have a heart for them. That young lady attacked me, and she went for blood.”

The Rocky Mount educator said the student ripped off an “inch of my hairline.” She then showed the hair the student pulled off the side of her head.

According to Steele, someone also made a fake social media page in her name that stated she said “f*** the kids and f*** the job.”

“It was never f*** the kids because our kids are our future. But imma tell you this, she was in my space. She was behind the desk. I followed protocol for whoever said that I touched her first. And I tried to call for an administrator or somebody at the office,” Steele said.

According to Steele, other similar conflicts took place at the high school in the past month, including an incident in which two teachers were knocked unconscious by kicks from other students and another time where a teacher had a gun pulled on her.

“As much as I love the kids, I cannot put my life or my livelihood in danger, anymore. I will be saying goodbye to this profession. I went to school three times for real estate. Oh yes, I’m being faced with charges as well, as well, behind this,” Steele said.

The substitute teacher said she is concerned about how the fight will affect her career opportunities.

“If I get a charge on my record, there goes my career again … I have four children,” she said. “My children would never. You best believe I raised my kids right. They would never disrespect authority of any kind or an adult. They know to come to me.”

Steele thanked everyone who sent donations to a GoFundMe page her husband started.

The student, who is also charged with simple assault, is not being named because of age.

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