Nigerian businessman, Aliko Dangote
Nigerian businessman, Aliko Dangote

Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, has rejected calls for him to be President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  

Speaking in an interview with David Rubenstein on Bloomberg TV, founder and CEO of the Dangote Group said he prefers to help develop Nigeria and Africa at large through his businesses rather than through political leadership.

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“I think I am doing a great job where I am right now so I don’t think I need to be in the political space. Some of us would have to lead in the development of Africa through our businesses and not through political leadership,” he said.

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Speaking on how he made his wealth, the business mogul noted that, though he came from a wealthy family, he inherited nothing from his father as he built everything by himself.

“I came from a wealthy family, my late great grandfather in the 1940s was the richest man in West Africa and so was my late grandfather. My father was also very rich and he was involved in both business and politics. One thing I am very proud of is that I didn’t inherit any money from my father, I built everything from the scratch,” he told David Rubenstein.

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Dangote said although his late father willed to him a huge chunk of money, he gave it all away to charity.

Listen to him in audio above