Akesse Brempong | credit: @akessethelion

Ghanaian gospel musician, Akesse Brempong, born Phil Evans Akesse-Brempong, says his purpose in life was revealed to him at the age of 17.

In a yet-to-be-aired interview with Amelley Djosu on Joy Prime’s Celeb Biz, he explained that even before birth, he had prophetic words spoken about his destiny.

According to him, he began to feel the prophetic establishment after he had an encounter with God.

“My mother tells me that there were prophetic words that had gone ahead of me while I was in the womb about my destiny and all of that, but she was never keen about it. But when I went to Kumasi High School and had my own encounter and started following the will of God for my life, it was not too long after a conversion, after I had my encounter with God, that I started entering into leadership positions in high school.”

The musician said he accepted God and became a born-again Christian during his days at Kumasi High School.

Shortly after his conversion, he saw signs of God’s will, as he was given a number of leadership roles in school.

“I got converted in my first year of high school; by the second year, I was actually on the SU executive team; I was also music director for the SU group and shalom singers at Kumasi High School; and I became the PENSA president, the president of Pentecost Students and Associates, so it was evident that God will have me in leadership and be pastoring people.”

The ‘God is Working’ hitmaker also revealed that he was not enthusiastic to be a pastor in the beginning. He described himself as a funky young man who did not find pastoring appealing until he met Precious Heymann, the then president of Voice of the Spirit, who became his spiritual father and convinced him to yield to ministry when the time came.

He shared how he was not all “goody two shoes” before he entered high school. He was known to be one of the most rowdy kids in his neighbourhood, and what kept him from going wayward in high school was the heartfelt prayer his father prayed for him right before he entered high school.

“My father did something that was a catalyst for my encounter with God. Before I left for high school, he called me into his room and laid hands and prayed some real prayers, some very heartfelt prayers, over me.

“Of course, I was going to Kumasi High School because I had friends who were living the life I wanted to live, and I wanted to be in that school to join the band, but the moment I got to high school, I believe my father’s prayers started kicking in, such that every time I was on the verge of doing something silly, I could hear my father’s prayer ringing in my ears.

“That, I believe, was one of the reasons I had the encounters I had and eventually changed.”

Akesse Brempong, despite knowing his purpose, actually started ministry in 2019, four years after he became a recording artiste in 2014.

The full interview will be aired on Joy Prime on Saturday, February 10, 2024, at 5 p.m.