Rapper Okomfour Kwadee will find it extremely difficult to give up on the smoking of marijuana which resulted in his detention at a rehab centre, if his latest interview Bola Ray is anything to go by.

It would be recalled that Madam Cecilia Sakia, the mother of the rapper was accused of bewitching his son leading to his mental health problems.

However, if his recent comments that he couldn’t stop smoking were anything to go by, the one can conclude that the rapper’s situation is self-inflicted.

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The rapper’s mother had said that the cause of her son’s problems which has persisted for nearly 12 years, according to doctors is his insatiable desire for weed.

Bola Ray who was also seeking to have the musician change his old ways asked “Kwadee can you put a stop to it? Can you say as an icon you can go without weed for one week? Can I throw that challenge to you that From S-Concert…from Friday to the next Friday you will stay off weed and I will show you something?”

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But Kwadee, responding said staying away from weed means he would be found on another tree literally suggesting he will go into another thing even if he stops smoking weed.