GFA President, Kurt Okraku
GFA President, Kurt Okraku

President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kurt Okraku, has dismissed reports suggesting he is running the entire FA by himself.

Mr Okraku has been heavily criticised by stakeholders and administrators following the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The former Executive Chairman of Dreams FC has been accused of failing to involve members in decision-making.

But Mr Okraku has debunked the claims leveled against him. According to him, he and the Executive Council are working in the best interest of Ghana football.

He also insisted he is not dictating to the 12 member Executive Council.


“I am not a dictator,” he said in an interview with GTV Sports Plus.

“The Executive Council can testify to that. As an association, turbulence will come and you will need to take a tough decision but that does not mean you are a dictator.

“The Executive Council is heavily involved in any decision. It is not a one man show as perceived by many. 

“We are working as a group,” he added. 

Mr Okraku was elected as the new GFA president in October 2019.