• A Malawian man has revealed to his family that DNA results have confirmed four of his six children are not his

• The man who has since separated from his wife has given his family the permission to circulate the news as wide as they may wish

• He has asked that the family prays for the children who he said would be traumatised by the “unwanted situation”

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A senior corporate manager from Malawi, has publicly revealed intimate details about the paternity of four of children he assumed were his.
The man’s revelations come after a DNA test proved that four of the six children he had with his wife, Miriam, were not his.
He broke the news to his relatives on a family WhatsApp group platform.
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He further gave the family the permission to feel free to share the information as widely as they wanted, saying there ‘nothing to hide’.
In the message which has now been repeatedly shared on social media platforms, the man said: “You may have been hearing rumours regarding what is happening with my family.

This message is meant to communicate the correct position of the situation.”
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He then goes on to explain that he decided to order DNA tests for his children on January 28 and received the results on March 1.
He announced the results and asked for people to pray for the children who would be traumatised by the turn of events.
He said: “I am sorry and deeply disappointed to inform you that DNA results have shown that I am not the biological father of Elton, Hellen, Kamwadi and Lucy Ngwira. As you would understand, we have a crisis in the family and as an immediate measure I have separated from Miriam while the parents discuss the way forward. Please pray for the children who shall be traumatised by this unwanted situation.”