Finally, fans of the various contestants in the ongoing Adom TV Nsoromma highlife music reality show can have a say in keeping their favourite contestants going in the competition.

All a fan needs to do for that to happen is by texting a contestant’s name to the shortcode, 1633, preceded by the letters, NSRM and they would be contributing to keeping that contestant in the house.

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The good news is that it wouldn’t matter what telco network a fan may use as MTN, AirtelTigo and Vodafone are all NSM text-messaging compliant.

According to organisers of Nsoromma, fans’ votes will constitute as much as 40 percent in deciding who stays in the house each week.

Some passionate fans hail a contestant during an Nsoromma performance

The judges’ marks will constitute the rest of the 60 percent as organisers seek to inject a lot of fairness into the competition.

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Nsoromma, which is currently at its eviction stage, is a few hours away from this publication at the Providence Event Centre near the Trade Fair in La, Accra.

Fans can also book a date by watching Adom TV every Sunday at 5:00 pm for the live show.