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The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) has launched a device similar to a calculator to help consumers track the exact amount of utility units bought and expended.

This is to help promote trust and confidence in the industry.

It is to assist consumers have “control of how much water and electricity they consume” so they can make informed protestation during any eventuality.”

The PURC launched the device at a consumer service clinic in Kumasi.

The Executive Secretary of PURC, Dr Ismael Ackah, said the move was to give consumers the opportunity to present their complaints to both the PURC and the utilities, with the expected assurance of their complaints being resolved.

The consumer service clinic programme was on the theme: ‘Protecting the interest of consumer and utility service providers.’

Part of the mandate of the PURC is to receive, investigate and settle complaints relating to utility services.

The consumer service clinic was instituted to provide a platform for consumers to air their grievances.

“The overall strategy of the commission is to improve transparency of its processes and improve information access. And it is our desire to work with all stakeholders to make PURC a centre for regulatory excellence that protects the interest of both the consumer and utility,” Dr Ackah said.

Beyond that, Dr Ackah said the device will create a solid relationship between consumers and service providers and prevent doubts.

The device has an inbuilt facility that allows consumers to make their complaints directly and a possible solution is found by identifying the districts and business centres where the transaction took place.

The Ashanti Regional Head of PURC, Francis Baidoo, said the clinic would form the basis for regular engagements with consumers to help address future challenges.

He said the engagements with consumers will help deliver bills at the right time to ensure smooth payment without consumers complaining of over-running meters.