Ghanaian Kumawood Actress, Beatrice Twimuwaa, has given out some tips on things that men can look out for during love-making to know if their woman is having an orgasm.

In an interview on eTV Ghana, she noted that when a man is making love to a woman, he must make sure to observe places that arouse her more and focus on touching those parts.

When he does this, he must look out for signs like how she holds him, her breathing, how her body shakes, etc.

“For some women, when they’re having an orgasm, they can hold you very closely. Others can even bite you and some also cry all because they’re having an orgasm so you need to know that women orgasm in different ways.

When you want to know if a woman is having an orgasm, you will first notice this thick slimy discharge coming out of her vagina especially during foreplay. When you see this, she is only wet but she has not had an orgasm yet”, she noted.

The actress continued that when the man begins to thrust in and out with his penis, the fluid that comes out is lighter than the first and this is when the man can be sure that he has been able to make her have an orgasm. This squirting orgasm is usually accompanied by shaking as women mostly cannot contain the pleasure that comes with squirting.