Famed songstress, Nana Akua Amoah popularly known in music circles as Mzbel has said there is nothing wrong with a man cheating on his wife.

According to her, she is ready to share her man with any woman provided he respects her.

Mzbel in an exclusive interview with Akumaa Mama Zimbi on Adom FM’s ‘Odo Ahomaso’, she said “Yes! I don’t care about sharing him with anyone. So long as he provides for me, he takes care of the house and respects me. He has to be there when I need him. Not physically, Even if he is lying to me it should be done out of respect. I will only get nervous if he doesn’t text or call back. The communication has to be there…” she disclosed to .

The ‘Awoso Me’ hit maker stressed that most ‘lazy’ and unemployed women tend to be excessively agitated about the whereabouts of their partners.

“If you are a lazy woman with no job the moment he goes out, you start thinking. You will be furious about his whereabouts and that will push him away. You will be lonely. You have to be willing to share. You have to let him know it is okay for him to cheat but he should protect himself so he doesn’t bring any STDs home…”

“No matter what men will always be men. You cannot tame a man. It’s not easy but you have to hold your heart.  Even if he is a pastor a certain woman will one day win his interest and if you’re a very jealous woman you will never have a man by your side…” she said.

Nonetheless, Mzbel advised women to hold on to her words if they want to have peace in their relationship respectively.

“If you do that you will be very happy. Women need to chill even if he is the most handsome man in the world take it like he’s not. Then you will have peace and be happy…” she said.

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