A staunch supporter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Appiah Stadium has said that nothing will ever stop him from campaigning for John Dramani Mahama to become President in 2020.
According to him, he is prepared to ‘sacrifice my own life’ for him to be President.
He made this known after some parts of his house and car were gutted by fire on Monday.
Appiah Stadium claimed that the Invincible Forces were the main suspects due to the constant criticisms against President Akufo Addo.
In an exclusive interview on Kofi TV, the serial caller revealed that there were gunshots outside his residence before the fire started.
He revealed that the elements involved in the fire drenched parts of his house and his car with petrol and light it in order to raze down his residence with fire.
The NDC party supporter revealed that he feared for the safety of his family most but will not hesitate to sacrifice his own life to ensure that John Mahama becomes the President of Ghana.
He said his admiration for former President John Dramani Mahama was not going to die anytime soon because of the good thing he did for his wife who was for a long time barren.
“I am 100 percent sure that Nana Addo’s Invincible Force and the Delta Force are behind this act because they can’t stand the fact that I keep on criticizing the President. As far as I’m alive, I won’t stop criticizing Nana Addo.
“They should come and kill me so that my blood will secure victory for Mahama. I’m ready to die for Mahama. I want to see him win the 202 elections and become the President even if I’m dead.
“I have prepared my will which will take care of my family and so I am ever ready to sacrifice my life for Mahama,” he said.
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Source: Ghana / Adomonline.com/ Dorcas Abedu-Kennedy