Ghanaians should brace themselves for a disaster worse than the June three fire and flood disaster that hit the country two years ago.

That’s according to Prophet Gyebi, a renowned Ghanaian pastor based in Kumasi and known for his prophesies.

Prophet Gyebi has revealed that the country will be hit by a storm that will displace many and result in the loss of hundreds of lives.

He confirmed that this prophesy has been looming in a while and within this rainy season it will manifest itself

He declared that “An update of a prophetic word. You remember God through me revealed that there will be strong winds and thunder, today I bring the update. People should watch out. This is a prophetic update. I made this revealation 2 or 3 weeks ago. I saw thunder and strong winds accompanied by floods destroying properties and many drowning in the floods. Lives were lost”

He emphasised that there is an urgent need for us as Ghanaians to fervently pray and call upon the mercies of our creator.

He said, “God is with us, we need to keep on praying for God’s mercy and this is the time we need to pray to Him. We need to pray for Him for divine intervention.”

The last time the country experienced such a disaster was in 2015 when a filling station at Kwame Nkrumah Circle exploded after rains had caused the place to flood.

More than 150 lives were destroyed and scores of people injured. Properties running into thousands of cedis were also destroyed and some people affected by the tragedy are yet to recover from the disaster two years after it occurred.

Tribal conflict

Prophet Gyebi also gave an indication that the pockets of ethnic conflicts and misunderstandings we are witnessing in the country is a hint of a looming national disaster.

He noted that that we need to be more prayerful as there will be more of such tribal misunderstanding

“The ethnic wars we are experiencing now in the country, it is going to heighten. We need to be more prayerful. We will see more conflicts that may get out of hand.” he intimated

Prophet Gyebi is the Ghanaian Pastor that prophesied about the Kintampo Waterfall disaster that came to pass and the victory of President Akufo-Addo ahead of the 2016 general election that has also manifested.