A-20-year-old lady has revealed how she was “forced” to pretend to be a witch for a pastor to deliver her and then pay her in return.

According to the nursing trainee student, who narrated her story on Accra-based Vision 1 FM, she was invited by her friend to pose like a witch for the pastor, whose name and church are not yet known to heal her in order to prove his powers and “win more souls”.

She said, her friend, Comfort Ayorkor Hayford has been doing the “miracle acting” business for long and also recruits others into the act.

“My friend called and asked me if I can do the job she does on TV. I told her I can’t do it because I know what she’s doing isn’t right. I don’t want to kill my dream of becoming a nurse so I’ve always declined her invitation,” she said.

She explained, “The day I went with her to the church, something strange happened. I rushed and entered a taxi to meet her when I received her call. She took me to the church and I did exactly what I was told to do.”

She believes she could not have conceded to the demand of her friend and the pastor, if not for the fact that she was under some sort of influence.

“We bought fura and after eating I got lost in my senses and then joined my friend and her boyfriend in the taxi they came with. I believe they have a link with the taxi driver. I didn’t know what I did until people who saw me on Fire TV started calling and asking me about it,” she stressed.

She cautioned the general public, particularly the youth to be watchful and avoid friends who are involved in fraudulent acts.

Listen to her full story in the video below