Toll booth attendant, Solomon Akpabli Selorm is in a state of fear following an accident he narrowly escaped whiles at post in  one of the booths positioned  at the Akwamufie end of the Adomi bridge in the Eastern region around 5:30 pm last Saturday.

The accident is the second time booths ahead the bridge have been ran into by vehicles crossing the bridge this year alone raising safety concerns.

The previous incident saw the attendant trapped in the booth when the vehicle knocked it out of position.

Solomon Akpabli tells Adom News that sight of the booth reminds him of how he could have lost his life and calls for safety measures from Ghana Highway Authority.

“I had to escape through the window when the trailer truck which avoided  crashing into a saloon car hit two concrete barriers pushing them, before hitting the  container booth. Next time I may not be lucky to escape,” he revealed.

Adom News’ Kwame Yankah who visited the area noticed that parts of the container booth have been welded as its inner part is yet to be worked on.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness, Ama Boatemaa said the situation could have been worse if a disabled who is one of the attendants was on duty since escaping would have been next to impossible.

She also appealed to Highways to treat the impact of the accident with the urgency it deserves.

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