An evangelist (name withheld) is claiming that women who love make-up will not go to heaven.
The evangelist who was preaching in a public transport ‘Trotro’ which was travelling from Kwame Nkrumah Circle to Lapaz quoted some scriptures in the Bible to back his claims.
He insisted that those who wear wedding rings, earrings, weave or rasta cannot make it to heaven.
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“If God knows a woman should wear an earring, he would have created a hole in their ears. It is the devil who created it. If you do so you will go to hell straight. Jesus Christ is against it…” he maintained.
Listen to the pastor

Reacting to his claims, the General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rev. Dr Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong slammed the evangelist for preaching  ‘baseless’ doctrines.
According to him, the Evangelist claim is not of God and is only intended to misinform the public.
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“The Bible says that but we have women and men stuff. It is between the person and their maker. Not wearing a ring doesn’t guarantee you heaven if you continue sinning. I strongly disagree with him” he stated.
Listen to Dr Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong

Source: Adom News/Maame Esi Nyamekye Thompson


  1. It is not make-up that will send people to the everlasting fire and torture in hell and subsequently the lake of fire. It is rather rejecting the free gift of God ie Jesus Christ. More importantly is knowing Jesus and being known by Him. He said “My sheep know my voice”. John 10:3b says He calls His own sheep by name and leads them out. It is not only enough to know Jesus but more importantly to be known by Him. Jesus knows me this I know, for He lives within my heart.

    • Comment:instead of u listing to what u have been told see the stupid things u are saying don’t u no in the Bible it was jezebel who was the first perspective to use make – Up. Go on line and read about testimonies of heaven and hell

  2. Wearing earring and ring according to the bible, Hezekiel 16:10-12, is not a sin. The bible, Hezekiel 16:8-13, tells how God Himself dressed His wife (Israel) and it is expected of all women to go by that and do away with those artificial hair, nails and the worldly lifestyle (make-ups, bleaching). They simply signify arrogance in women which contrast the word of God. Are we telling God the hair, nails and the colour He gave us are not the best? Women of today are trying all means to replace all that God did for them with artificial things and its very bad that fake men of God entertain them in churches due their money conscious habit. Let us adjust ourselves to the word of the Creator not creatures.
    Daakye asem nti…

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