A woman who could not stand the displeasure of seeing her husband marry a second wife will not be deterred by distance in her determination to disrupt the wedding ceremony.

38-year-old Yaa Asantewaa tells Nhyira News she has been married to Kofi Asante for 16 years and supported him to put up a house at Apatarpa in Kumasi.

However, he decided to marry another woman after he refused to perform the necessary customary rights to make their relationship legal.

Asantewaa said she got wind of information that her husband was getting ready to marry a second wife when the man had not taken her to the altar.

She then got her 13-year-old son to write a letter on which she invoked the spirits of three river deities to scare her rival from going ahead with the marriage.

The letter was delivered to relatives of the would-be bride, who had arrived from Burkina Faso four days to the event.

“I felt cheated by my husband because he never performed my marriage rites but have stayed with him for 16 years and upon realizing that he was actually going to marry another woman, I decided to curse them through a letter which was delivered to them” she said.

Yaa Asantewaa says her trick worked because the recipients of the letter who happened to be parents of the would-be-bride called off the marriage ceremony out of fear.

“I was able to stop them from getting married because I have not wronged my husband and don’t know why he should marry someone and I think the best was to write a letter to curse them to prevent them from marrying” she stressed.

Yaa Asantewaa said her husband has since threatened to kill her for disrupting his planned wedding after he had spent GHC 3,000 for preparation.

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Meanwhile, Kofi Asante when contacted admits seeing the curse letter but says he had the reversed the curse.

He says it is over between the two of them, but he is ready to share the property with Yaa.

“The relationship between Yaa and I is over and I have made it clear to her but don’t know why she should curse us to stop our wedding.” he bemoaned.

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