Archbishop of Internal Province of Ghana, Most Reverend Dr Daniel Yinka Sarfo says people who commit suicide will go to hell.

He indicated that parents are to blame for the increasing cases of suicides especially among the youth.

Dr. Safo explained that, parents these days are more concerned about getting money rather than bringing up their children in the Godly way.

“Those who will commit suicide especially the youth in this country will go to hell straight away. It is not a good thing to take your life because God has a purpose for each and everyone in this world. I blame some parents because they fail to train their children” he said on Accra based Accra FM.

Just in the past weeks, close to three young persons have taken their lives under different conditions – a development which raises the concern of how mentally safe Ghanaians are.

Reports of these suicides mostly involve University students and Junior High School students.

But reacting to the issue, Most Reverend Dr Daniel Yinka Sarfo urged the youth to seek medical help when depressed.

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Source: Ghana/Dorcas Abedu-Kennedy