A leading member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Asamoah Gyamfi has called on President Akufo Addo to immediately sack the Managing Director of Oil Storage and Transport Company (BOST) if he refuses to resign over the controversial fuel saga.
According to him circumstances surrounding conducts of the MD before selling the said contaminated fuel shows he has gone contrary to the principles of Akufo Addo in fighting corruption and needs to be sacked.
BOST MD Alfred Obeng is under pressure to resign his position over an alleged corruption involved in the sale some 5 million litres of off-spec fuel by the company.
The MD has since refused to resign and also having the backing of the workers of the company.
The Ministry of Energy announced that it is setting up an 8-member investigative Committee to look into the issues of the release of 5 million litres of off-spec fuel from Depot of the BOST.
Speaking on Asempa Fm’s Kukurantumi on Saturday, Asamoah Gyamfi opined that failure of the president to reprimand Alfred Obeng will serve as a mockery of all the promises he gave Ghanaians during the 2016 general elections.
“If I were the president, I will ask the BOST MD to resign or I will sack him. He has gone contrary to the promises Akufo Addo made to save the public purse. We promised to put an end to sole sourcing but Alfred Obeng has done it so he must go. The president should not shield him or will be subject to mockery by the Ghanaian public” he added.
He urged communicators of the party and government not to shield or defend the BOST MD because doing that will mean they are not ready to fight corruption as they promised in opposition.
“I ask my party people not to speak for the MD because if we do that , it means we want to condone corruption in Government. We must guard against thing which could make our work difficult in 2020. We must show we have integrity and will protect it” he admonished party members.
He expressed worry about the manner in which the issue is being handled saying the under-fire BOST MD is being pampered because it is a matter which could the party a second term in office.
“The way the matter is being handled shows we want to hide something but we should not pamper him. We should treat the matter serious and not pamper MD Alfred Obeng.
Mr. Asamoah Gyamfi said sacking the MD will show president Akufo Addo is setting higher standards and good example for his appointees and Government.
He asked president Akufo addo and the party to be firm and guard against things which could cripple the party’s chances of winning the 2020 elections so Alfred Obeng should be used to set example of the fight against corruption.
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  1. Mr. Asamoah Gyamfi, you would have wished that you’re given a fair hearing if you were to be in the MD’s shoes.
    Why can’t you guys calling for the resignation of the MD wait till the committee set up by the minister finishes with its scrutiny?
    Those who are interested in the MD’s position can’t wait to see him out of the place so hide behind the idea that the President’s fight against corruption will not be achieved if the MD doesn’t resign or get fired.
    Their interest is the position and nothing else, if not they would have wait till the board of inquiry comes out with its report.
    A house that is divided will not stand, they should know.
    Bear this in mind, if he should go whoever takes over will suffer similar fate because those who are interested in that position will be breathing down his/her neck and as soon as he/she missteps the call will be on him/her to go or be fired.

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