Some teenagers in the Adansi North district of the Ashanti region are said to have taken to illicit drug use such as Indian hemp after abandoning school.
Some concerned parents say the school drop-outs engage in the selling of coconut to raise money for their nefarious activities.
One of them who want to remain anonymous revealed his son joined this group of boys whose prime business is to “use proceeds of their coconut business to smoke wee.”
According to the parents, financial constraints compelled the children to drop out of school to resort to the coconut business.
“We don’t have monies to take care of their education. My son is part of these coconut sellers but have failed to continue schooling after getting monies from the business but rather use their proceeds to buy wee and smoke”.
The parents wants government intervention.
Listen to the parents

But the boys have vowed not to leave the lucrative coconut business.
“We get a lot of money from this business though we use the proceeds for wee, we will still love the job” one boy narrated.
Listen to the kids

Meanwhile, the Assistant Social Welfare Officer for Adansi North, Barbara Adudto–Tano has led to arrest some of the children who also engage in other social vices such as gambling.
“There are other social vices such as gambling, video games, table tennis and others the teenagers are involved in, but we are unable to monitor and track them as we do not have means of transport to move about” she said.