Paramount Chief of Wassa Akropong in the Western Region, Omanhene Tetre Akuamoah who has been criticized for forcing a journalist with Rivers FM to kneel in the sun for over three hours said he has not committed any crime.

According to him, he only punished the journalist who disrespected the traditional authority to serve as a deterrent to others.

The woes of the Rivers FM journalist begun after a Chinese national, Jiang Gen Hai allegedly shot and killed a local last Friday.

This generated pandemonium in the town when the youth demanded the Chinese miner be handed to them to avenge the death of their friend.

So during the mêlée, Larry Saint posted a voice note on a Whatsapp platform for journalists accusing the chiefs of rather protecting the Chinese at the expense of the indigenes.

The audio unfortunately reached the chiefs who immediately summoned Larry to the palace where he was made to kneel for over three hours.

The action taken by the chief has incurred the wrath of many especially journalists who believe the punishment is an infringement on the right of Larry Saint.

But in a quick rebuttal, Omanhene Tetre Akuamoah Sekyim on Adom FM’s Midday News Friday,  said he has no regrets ordering the journalist to kneel down.

“I believe in free speech but it has a limit and I think the journalist was not fair to make such remarks which undermined my authority” he stressed.

However, the Wassa Akropong chief said he never ordered the journalist to kneel in the sun as he wants to world to believe.

Omanhene Sekyim also described a false claims he intends to banish the Rivers FM journalist.

“I didn’t threaten the journalist like he is saying and so he should stop saying those things. I urge Ghanaians to go and listen to the tape and realize how bad the journalist sounded. I don’t want to make any further comments since the police is investigating the issue” he stated.

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  1. This chief is stupid .he lived all his life in us and where did he see that any leader asked someone to kneel down for freedom of speech.because he has money he thinks he can get away with it .this is what accumulates pain in people and causes war in other countries if care is not taken and justice is not seen in Ghana,no one wants war but that’s what Ghana will get.bull shit chief

  2. I totally condemn the conduct of Larry to our omanhene,and urge him to look else where if he wants to gain popularity not Tetrete,for popularity would not be gained on silver splatter but rather must be worked for.This is the only omanhene we( wassa people) have and must be respected as such. Yes Tetrete I salute you and your council, a man who will never speak against st his conscience,Martin Luther’s incarnate. Nyankwa daa

  3. The chief granted a neat interview.. . after all, kneeling down is not any difficult punishment? Who hasn’t knelt down in school before… Nana…y3 w3juma

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