Supporters of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) are furious with their party executives for failing to arrange buses to convey them to their respective destinations to cast their ballot Wednesday as planned.

Speaking to Adom News, some of the supporters said they have been in the queue since dawn with no executive giving them update on the situation leaving them hungry and thirsty in the scorching sun.

“The buses are delaying. The distance from Accra to Volta is far. So I think it is better they provide a bus for us to go and vote. We are also hungry and thirsty in this hot sun. If they want to win they should do that” an angry supporter cried.

However, a few others say notwithstanding the frustration, they will regardless go and vote even if they have to find their own means of transport.

“If no bus is available, please inform us. We can use our personal money to go and vote. We love our parties. We are here since morning and there is no vehicle. If we don’t have the means then we would not vote.

“I am voting In Kpando. Even if I am not given any money for transport, I will still go ahead to vote because I am very serious about the election. There are some rumors we would be given some funds to serve as transport to and fro the polling stations. I don’t know how true it is but regardless I am going to vote” an electorate confessed.

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Meanwhile, supporters of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) have enthusiastically conveyed themselves in buses whilst others are even boarding cargo to their hometowns to vote tomorrow.

The supporters expressed their happiness with boarding the cargo without any fear because of the love they have for the party.