A policewoman based in Dormaa in the Brong Ahafo region has allegedly thrown her husband out of their home and sold his taxi cab to raise money to buy her way to a peacekeeping mission.

In her quest to go on peacekeeping, Lance Corporal Juliet Yeboah is said to have sold the car to raise 100 million cedis (GHC10,000) to bribe her superior to favour her for peacekeeping.

Husband of the policewoman, Prince Kwame Osei made the allegation on Adom News Tuesday.

Narrating his ordeal, Prince said his ex-wife of six years, whom he was living with in a police barracks, on January 9, 2017, threw his belongings outside saying she was no longer interested in the marriage.

He said he was left with no other choice than to leave the house but was shocked to discover his estranged wife had sold the taxi cab, which was his only source of livelihood.

“My wife used photocopies of the car document which was in my name to sell the car so I took the original documents to the BNI to help me retrieve the taxi” he stated.

Prince Osei indicated that after the BNI had retrieved the car for him, his wife also got her colleagues in the police to arrest him, took the car from him and locked him up in police cells for alleged theft.

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When reached for comment, the Dormaa Police Commander, Superintendent Tony Washington told Adom News they arrested the taxi driver because his wife claimed she paid off the balance of the car which he [Prince] bought on hire purchase.

“We were informed that the couple agreed the woman will own the car if she paid off the balance so we did not err in arresting him” the Dormaa Commander added.

On the way forward, Supt. Washington urged the couple to take the matter to court for immicable redress.

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However, the police after thorough investigations have vindicated Prince and have asked him to come sign some documents and take the car.