A class one referee who wants to remain anonymous has stated categorically that owner and bank roller of Elmina Sharks, Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom pays the highest bribe to officiating officials.

He explained on the Ultimate Sports show on Asempa FM that, these club administrators contact them upon arrival at match venues and give them these monies as transportation and not the referees who request for these monies.

“Paa Kwesi Nduom paid the highest bribe in division one and paid as much as 6000gh for matches to go in his favor and am surprised if he is talking about corruption now”.

“I have colleagues who take these monies from his club even now in the Premier league and he pays depending on the opponent he plays at a time”.

The Progressive Peoples Party (PPP) leader who is now into football, recently came
out to openly condemn corruption in football.

He also accused the Ghana Football Association (GFA) of siting aloof will these corrupt elements collapse Ghana football.

But, this class one referee who to on Asempa FM on condition of anonymity said he will be available to aid in investigations into his claims provided his identity will remain hidden and protected.

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