Minority Members of Parliament who are opposed to the flagship ‘One District One Factory’ policy are among the first people who rush to the secretariat with proposals.
The National Coordinator of the ‘One District, One Factory’ secretariat Mrs. Gifty Ohene-Konadu has revealed.
Her comment follows the continuous opposition of the policy by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).
The situation has even become murkier after the opposition party accused the Akufo-Addo government of stealing projects initiated by the erstwhile Mahama administration days to the launch of the first pineapple factory at Ekumfi in the Central region.
Former deputy Trade Minister, Murtala Mohammed who made allegation said processes for the establishment of the Ekumfi pineapple factory started in 2013 while the NDC was in office.
But reacting to the issue on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem Wednesday, Madam Ohene-Konadu expressed disgust at the obvious untruth by the NDC.
She could not fathom why the NDC is bent on discrediting the ‘One District One Factory’ policy when in fact its MPs have submitted proposals to partake in it.
“They should ask the Minority MPs, I don’t want to mention names but when they come to the office with their proposals I receive them with open arms. We are even considering the viability of their project to assist them accordingly” Madam Ohene-Konadu revealed.
The former deputy Trade Minister said government is ready to assist entrepreneurs irrespective of their political affiliation to provide enough jobs for the youth.
The programme, which will be implemented with the private sector, she noted will also provide business support services and capacity budding, mentoring and coaching.
“It would also provide networking opportunities, assistance with financial planning and financial management, regulatory and legal compliance, links to strategic partners for market and community access”.
Mrs Ohene-Konadu added that the financial support for the projects would start from a minimum of US$5,000 to a maximum of US$10,000, based on project size and operational categorisation.
She said the secretariat had received the GHC450million earmarked in the 2017 budget to kick-start the project.
Besides government’s commitment, Madam Ohene-Konadu interest in the programme had generated investment pledges and commitments to a tune of US$3billion.
Meanwhile, the ‘One District One Factory’ programme is a flagship industrialisation programme promised by the NPP during the 2016 electoral campaign. It is aimed at building a factory in each of the 216 districts in the country.
Listen to Gifty Ohene-Konadu


  1. I find the comment of the National Co-ordinator of the One District One Factory Secretariat, Madam Gifty Ohene-Konadu that NDC MPs are submitting very intriguing. Doesn’t she want them to do so? She should rather be happy about such a development on the minority front.
    If NDC MPs are bringing proposals to the Secretariat, after expressing doubt about the feasibility of the programme under current cirumstances, she should see it as an opportunity to prove them wrong. Nation building is a complex network of managing conflicting interests. Some of critical factors of good governance are transparency, rule of law, accountability and democratic participation of key stakeholders in policy formulation and implementation process.
    After setting the agenda for consultative engagement, the secretariat should proceed with its work. We do not have much time to wait in our nation building efforts.

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