The studio of Accra-based Asempa FM was nearly turned into a boxing ring when a popular priestess and a pastor face-off with each other over who has spiritual powers to outwit the other.

This was after the man of God, Osofo Kyiri Abosom said he will burn the gods of popular spiritualist, Patricia Asiedua, popularly known as Nana Agradaa.

The pastor who is the General Overseer of Life Assembly Worship Centre claims he has supernatural powers to destroy idols claiming the latter’s gods have outlived their relevance in modern day society.

He also accused Nana Agradaa of being a fraud after fooling people into believing that she had magic powers and could double any amount of money.

He said fetish priestess and her accomplices had since September 2012 been advertising on radio stations in Accra and Kasoa that she had powers of solving problems and changing the fortunes of people which attracted a large number of customers to her shrine located at Sowutuom, a suburb of Accra.

Osofo Kyiri Abosom revealed after her victim realizing that they have been defrauded reported the matter to the police leading to her arrest and detention.

Such a fraudster, he stated cannot be allowed to continue with her antics thus has decided to destroy her shrine and draw her closer to God.

But Nana Agradaa in a rebuttal, called the bluff of the pastor daring him to attempt to burn her idols if he is truly a man of God.

The popular priestess who is obviously angered by the pronouncements from the man of God described him as a ‘fake pastor,’ indicating her readiness to see Osofo Kyiri Abosom carrying out his threat.

“This man is fake, he pays people to build shrines so he can destroy just to deceive the people. He also sleeps with the young girls in his church if he dares me, I will expose him” she vowed.

Nana Agradaa indicated that, she is ever ready and prepared for the day Osofo Kyiri Abosom will come to her shrine with the intention of destroying her gods.

This, she noted will rather create the opportunity for the whole nation to know who is defrauding people under false pretenses.

 Listen to Nana Agradaa and Osofo Kyiri Abosom

Source: Ghana/ Yaa Ayisa/ Asempa FM


  1. I prefer nana agraada to the fake pastors
    Nana’s position is; come l will lead u to destruction lf you so desire
    The fake pastors will mislead and hardly will you change your attitude thinking you’re with christ.

  2. I have never seen the so called name of God destroying an active shrine rather shrines that their keepers are already fed up with. Didn’t kyiri abosom see the Aflao shrine which was dancing around at Kumasi during. I’m sure there is a shrine at kyiri abosom’s family house in his village which he needs to destroy. We already know these priests are fake but it’s an insult when people do fake things expecting us to believe they are genuine.

  3. Comment:Pastor, if she said she have repent so come and destroy the gods for her, that one problem but for is obvious that she tempting you so dont go as jesus did the same .

  4. Comment: Nana Agraada is a fraudulent and confidence trickster that I have never seen in my life. She is politically supported hence cannot be arrested by any law enforcing agency but I dare her one day one day she will meet her meeter.

  5. Tetteh Joshua Edem,nana Agradaa is a 419 woman,i dont know why the law has condoned her till this time.this woman has duped people of their hard earned money and outwit them with her bleach face and juju tongue. Pastor kyiri abosom really needs our support to scatter that womans shrine for good coz she has caused a lot of harm to people.i wonder how a woman could be doing this?

  6. Comment:hahahaha soon excited, look at them.I’m not surprise about this cos the bible stated clearly that at the last day we will hear things like this.

  7. Nana agraada is really fake, her shrine should be destroy. You can be living on other people’s sweat. It’s a curse on it own. Upon all her money, didn’t U see how her musician son looks like. Like some drug addict guy. Vanity opon vanity. She can’t try this in Nigerian n’t be dealt with by angry mobers.

  8. Comment:He is not man of God oooo guys. from the the fruit we shall know the tree. look they that how Jesus charge us?

  9. Yes,it is true she is defrauding people.she even defraud me to give me money rechies money and she collect a huge sum amount of money from me without any thing appearing.

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  11. Nobody should trust any of these two bcos; 1. no true man of God will do what the so called man of God is doing. Jesus of all did not challenge, even when satan threw such challenge to Him. 2. It is only the devil that can challenge the devil, they all draw their powers from the same source

  12. Only God can judge the two of them but not humans, i support now but one day one day, all shall PASS. i believe in my faith.

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