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Hot audio: Martin Amidu not holier than thou – Obed Asamoah


A former National Democratic Congress (NDC) National Chairman has said former Attorney General Martin Amidu’s continuous critic of party leadership gives an impression that he is on “a campaign of vengeance and persecution”.
According to Dr. Obed Asamoah, though the former Attorney General is a very honest man, most of his epistles is seemingly borne out of bitterness.
Dr. Asamoah was reacting to the seeming tension in the NDC after a deputy Chief of Staff under former President John Mahama, Dr. Valerie Sawyer criticized former President Jerry John Rawlings and Martin Amidu blaming the party’s defeat on Mr Rawlings and Amidu’s outbursts at the John Mahama led government.
In the article widely circulated, the environmental consultant said the NDC founder sees nothing good in anyone but himself.
“They say he booms [but] I say he buzzes…like an agitated mosquito…looking for his next victim,” she wrote about Mr Rawlings.
Dr Sawyer also vented her anger on former Attorney-General, Martin Amidu, saying his “pomposity, over-bloated ego and sense of self-importance” will lead to his downfall.
“I am not a soothsayer, neither am I a harbinger of gloom and doom…but once again I say to you…this time with a nation full of witnesses…that your Achilles heel will destroy you,” she said.
The former A-G has reacted to the statements made against him by Dr Sawyer. He said the former deputy Chief of Staff authored her article as though she was under the influence of alcohol.
But Dr. Obed Asamoah in an exclusive interview on Joy News said the banter between the two leaders will not have any impact on the party.
Rather, he feared Martin Amidu posture will be misinterpreted by many to mean he is seeking the collapse of the NDC.
“Making one feel that you are holier than everybody else, sometimes looks like you are on a campaign of vengeance and persecution. Once you get that far, it begins to irritate people”.
Though he could not tell whether the conduct of the Citizen Vigilante is borne out of bitterness, Dr. Asamoah said given “the persist and degree of criticisms [from Martin Amidu], you get the impression that he has a kind of a cause to fight against certain elements [ in the NDC]”.
Obed Asamoah urged those who have petitioned the party to institute a disciplinary action against the former Attorney General, to also do same against other party leaders who have done worse things.
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