A 32-year old man at Assin Endwa in the Central Region has been fined by traditional authorities for having sex with his wife in the bush.
The man, Kwabena Atta, has be fined GHC 1000, 2 sheep, 4 bottles of schnapps and 2 local fouls by the chief for the purposes of pacifying the land and the community, according Nana Konagye Ampaw, a chief of the village.
One of the sheep, a bottle of schnapp and a foul will be slaughtered for rituals at the bush where the incident happened.
Listen to the chief 

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Same procedure would be repeated at the Chief’s palace to purify the community from any future repercussions from angry ancestors of the town.
Explaining the incident to Adom News’s Alfred Amoh, the chief revealed that, the couple went to the farm to uproot cassava, but in the process, Kwabena Atta threatened the wife with machete to allow him to have sex with her in the farm.
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The woman, Ama Afrane, out of fear, gave in to the husband’s request and they had sex on the farm.
According to Nana Konagye Ampaw, the incident came to public notice, when Ama Afrane claimed to have been haunted by some spirits to confess the act to the traditional authorities for purification of the land or be killed.
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He therefore cautioned Ghanaians especially the youths, to abstain from having sex in the bush since such practices are a taboo in Ghanaian tradition.