A retired army officer is advocating death penalty for the killers of slain military officer, Major Maxwell Mahama.

Captain Budu Koomson (rdt) is convinced execution of the perpetrators will deter others from engaging in mob injustice.

52 suspects of which eight are women have been remanded in police custody following the gruesome murder of then Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama.

The late soldier was lynched by a group of people at Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region where he was on official duty to combat illegal small-scale mining, popularly known as galamsey.

The angry mob mistook Major Mahama for an armed robber after a snail seller spotted a pistol on him when he was reaching for his pocket to pay for snails he had bought from her while jogging on Monday 29 May.

He was given a state burial on Friday June 9, 2017 at the forcourt of the State House in Accra.

Government has also promised a Trust Fund to help the family of the deceased with a seed fund of GHS500, 000 with President Akufo-Addo also pledging some GHS 50,000 from his personal coffers to the bereaved family.

But Captain Budu Koomson (rdt) in an interview on Adom News said the ceremony to honour the fallen soldier will be a faze if those involved don’t face the full rigorous of the law.

“We’ve atoned ourselves; we’ve told God, Maxwell and ourselves that we are sorry so a swift investigations investigation of what happened, trial and the consequences applied.

“If they are found guilty, the extreme punishment allowed should be given and if the death penalty is still in our status books and they [suspects] qualify for death, let us execute them by firing squad.

This punishment, Captain Budu Koomson (rdt) stressed will send a shock wave for others to sit up.

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  1. I do really Support what cap. Koomson is saying. Its the only way we can stop this barbaric,primitive habit that is going on in Black Africa.

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