Traders at the Kaneshie Market are complaining bitterly over what they call ‘Big English’ by President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo.
They want the president to either speak local languages more often or speak simple English more audibly so that they can hear and understand him.
This is not the first time a comment has been passed about the slurring of President Nana Addo.
The first time was when former President John Mahama teased the current president during the electioneering campaign for evading a debate and going on radio to speak what he called “big English”.
Listen to the traders

The traders said the want the president to tone down on the big English and slurring.
“We can hardly here Nana Addo when he speaks. We the market women can’t hear him and so we don’t know what’s happening to our economy. He should speak form four English and we will understand him else he will face our wrath. We voted for him and so he should think about us too” the traders cried.
Meanwhile, Professor Nana Essilfie Kondua of African University College of Communications agreed with the traders, saying that it is time government officials speak more local languages or used interpreters when they speak with the public.
Listen to the professor