Pupils and teachers of Gomoa Kweikrom basic school in the Central region are gripped with fear after fowls believed to have been slaughtered for rituals were found in one of their classrooms.

This situation which is affecting teaching and learning, according to reports nearly led to the closure of the school.

Tommy Quayson, the distraught Headmaster of the school said parents are alarmed and are even threatening to withdraw their wards from the school.

He added that even though fear and anxiety has diffused in the town with a lot of blind speculations, he believes there is nothing to write home about.

“There were two dead fouls. They killed them and took their tongues and feathers out. When I saw it, we prayed. I am not so scared. I believe the power of God will foil any evil intention” he said.

Listen to the headmaster

Nonetheless, some of the students appealed to the government to renovate the school to boost their security.

“We don’t have doors and that is what matters now. I pray they fix the doors and windows for us to prevent such thing from occurring again….” one of the students said.

Listen to some worried pupils

Meanwhile, the NifaHene of the town, Nana Ayiteh said there is no cause for alarm, adding that whoever did that will be fished out and dealt with drastically.