Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt has urged Ghanaians, especially the media to display a high level of decorum in discusiing the issues involving Ghana Football Association, (GFA), president, Kwesi Nyantakyi.

According to him, it is important not to try Mr. Nyantakyi in the media and rather allow the laws of the country to take its course.

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“This issue is very interesting but very sensitive and therefore it is important that we observe some decorum and not run him down totally, in the media, and allow the laws to deal with this matter,” he said.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has reported the President of the Ghana Football Association to the police over what they says is “defrauding by false pretense” after watching a video documentary by investigative journalist, Anas Aremaeyaw Anas, in which Mr Nyantakyi is allegedly captured engaging in some influence peddling, using the name of the president.

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But reacting to the issue, Mr. Pratt urged the media to be circumspect and not to rush and prosecute Mr Nyantakyi.

He wondered why the President’s move was directed at only Mr Nyantakyi if he (Nana Addo) benefited fully from the video documentary.

“If the president has had the benefit of watching the whole video then why is the arrest directed at only Kwesi Nyantakyi. I think it may be possible that this could be the first directive from the president and others may follow so let’s wait for the man to touch down.

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“Ghanaians and the media should not try him; we must allow the laws of the country to deal with the matter”, he said on Accra-based Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana show on Wednesday.

Kwesi Pratt further advised the police to be professional and handle the matter transparently without any political interference.

“We ought to be interested in the facts. Every Ghanaian must know how monies are used, especially in football and must be well-informed on the progress of the matter. This should not become part of NDC, NPP battle. Matters should not be leaked to selected media houses and things need to be handled in a transparent manner,” he said.

“So many things have gone through my mind and one thing I keep asking myself is what if Nyantakyi was bluffing or hyping in order to get the attention of the investors”, he quizzed.

Mr. Nyantakyi has arrived in the country from Morrocco via an Ethiopian Airlines flight, according to reports, and is expected to be escorted by security agencies who were waiting for him at the Kotoka International Airport.