An 18-year-old woman is threatening to commit suicide after her nude pictures was leaked on social media.
Benedicta Mensah Denkey, claimed she took the pictures playfully with one of her colleagues in school.
But the phone went missing and landed in the hands of some young boys who demanded GH₵ 5,000 as ransom.
The young lady could not raise that amount so they boys decided the leak the photos on social media.
Benedicta is now considering suicide because the shame and stigma she is facing especially in her family is too much.
“Now I am scared to go outside because the stigmatization is just too much. I am tired of this country and I think the best way to avoid everything is to take my life. I can’t tell when I will commit the act but it can be any moment” she told Adom News.
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Meanwhile, Benedicta’s mother when contacted said she has not seen the pictures yet but worriedly asked her daughter to go ahead since she has nothing to do to stop her.
“I haven’t seen the pictures. I have no idea about it. I don’t think she will do it. I don’t have anything to do about it. If she will kill herself she should go ahead because I’m tired of talking to her” she said.
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