Ghanaian BET award winning dancehall/reggae artist, Stonebwoy Known in real life as Livingstone Etse Satekla says he does not fear death.
Speaking on death prophecies about some men of God, Stonebwoy believes he has already done enough in his life because he is living a just life.
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“I have heard death prophecies about me and other musicians it too but I’ve decided not to comment on it because we have to be careful on what to say and what not to say. What I know for sure is that I won’t die right now.
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“I don’t fear death because I’ve been through surgeries, coma. One day, all of us will die and leave this earth. What I’m doing now is living at peace with God” he said in an interview on Hitz FMs Showbiz filla.
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He believes God reveals to redeem so prophecies are to guide mankind or whom it was directed to and must not be mocked at.
“I won’t mock them. I will only do what is right as a child of God and live a just life because that’s what matters now” he noted.