Immediate past moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Very Rev Professor Emmanuel Martey, has lashed out at critics of the four-month-old Akufo-Addo-led administration describing them as “unwise”.

The out-spoken minister of God asserts that it is too early for anyone to expect the government to fix problems caused by former president John Dramani Mahama and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“So far as everybody agrees that we don’t have adequate and excellent way of delivering health in this country, all past governments both NPP and NDC have not done well. Not Akuffo Addo’s administration, they just came in a hundred and ten or so days. We cannot judge them.

“All those unwise statements that Akuffo Addo has failed, he has done this, he has done that… And l have heard some of them. They have been there for eight years and they have not been able to do anything and they are querying those who just came. They are not even one year old. I’m calling upon those unwise people to stop and wait and pray that this present government delivers,” he said while speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the launch of the Koforidua branch of the C4C Homeopathic Hospital.

Prof. Martey was very critical of the NDC government as he asked ‘where are the wise men?’ in 2014 in apparent reference to the Mahama-led administration.

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