A church elder’s wife who is prevailing on her husband to refuse responsibility for a pregnancy has told the woman involved, that the elder is impotent.

Akosua Serwaa had separated with the man following a disagreement between them.

She, however, returned to claim that her husband is not responsible for the pregnancy.

Akosua insists she has been married to the elder for eight years without a child so he could not have impregnated another woman.

The development has left the victim, identified only as Afia in shock and confusion.

Ironically, reports suggest elder sent Serwaa packing out of their matrimonial home because she is unable to have a child.

Elder Kofi entered a relationship with Afia after Serwaa had left the house.

But Afia, recounting her ordeal to Nhyira FM’s Naa Amerley claims she received confirmation of her pregnancy after two lizards crawled over her legs, traditionally signifying pregnancy.

“I met this elder who told me he needs a woman who will give him a child and so he took me to his pastor who took me through some rituals for 7 days and promised that I will get pregnant immediately after sleeping with the man and I obliged.

“I got pregnant and informed the elder and he was very happy about the news only for the wife to return and claim that her husband is impotent and therefore he can’t impregnate me and so I should go and abort the baby or I should go and look for the father and foolishly the man agreed but I refused” she said.

Afia has since given birth to twins, and she is demanding compensation from the church elder.

“I want Elder Kofi to compensate me because I wasn’t ready to give birth now but he forced me and now he is claiming he is not responsible because the wife said so. I can’t take care of the children myself” she cried.

 Listen to Afia

But Elder Kofi when contacted admitted his mistakes and promised to take up his responsibilities.

“I told her I loved her from the onset and that my wife and I have issues and she agreed to give me a child but my wife insists I’m impotent and therefore couldn’t have impregnated a woman but what I want her to know now is that I will take up my responsibilities as a man and cater for the children” he said.

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