Chief and elders of Gomoa Ankamu in the Central Region have given a fetish priest few days ultimatum to pack his belongings and leave the town with immediate effect.

According to the chief, Nana Kofi Badu, Mallam Yaa Wadudu has been assaulting and terrorizing residents in the area.

He said the fetish priest known in local parlance as ‘juju’ man has on many occasions been extorting monies from clients mostly living in the area for his fake service.

But Nana Kofi Badu disclosed that when the clients confront Mallam Wadudu for defrauding them, he will subject them to severe beatings.

His conduct, he noted angered the youth in the area who stormed Mallam Wadudu’s shrine and started ransacking his room in reprisal attack.

What is worrying, Gomoa Ankamu chief stated is the strange deaths in the two since the juju man begun operations.

Based on this backdrop, Nana Kofi Badu said they have asked Mallam Wadudu to leave the town.

Failure to comply, the chief said he cannot guarantee the safety of the juju man in the town.

Listen to the chief

Meanwhile, Malam Yaa Wadudu has denied the allegations stating that he is only discharging his duties and has not defrauded anyone.

Listen to Mallam Wadudu