Former Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister Joseph Yamin is skeptical about efforts to convict 31-year-old ‘galamsey Queen’, Aisha Huang.

In his view, investigations by the police will be an exercise in futility it does not collaborate with the Bureau of National Investigations.

Aisha Huang, believed to be deeply engaged in illegal mining in Ghana, was arrested earlier in May by the Ghana Immigration Service over her alleged involvement in illegal mining in an area belonging to the Volta Resources Company Limited.

She is currently on remand at the Nsawam prison pending investigations into allegations leveled against her.

But Mr. Yamin maintained that the police will be embarking on a fruitless venture if it does not heed to his advice.

He indicated that, the Chinese woman is well connected and it would take the BNI to secure a conviction.

“If the police want to deal with Aisha, they should go to BNI. Otherwise soon she would be let to go free. I have given them a hint. If they want to know who she really is they should go to the BNI, if they don’t succeed, they should come to me…” he said on Accra-based Okay FM.

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The former deputy Ashanti regional minister in the erstwhile Mahama urged the police not to focus on only Chinese nationals because Indians and American nationals are also involved.

“The Indians are into the Galamsey too. I deported two of them and one American, and an American Malaysian. I became a threat to them. Eight months in Ashanti region I deported fourteen Chinese Galamseyers. They didn’t like me because I locked them up because it’s illegal…” he maintained.